Referral Partner

Terms & Conditions


  • The submission of any referral to UR Brand Offices (UBO) indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions. UBO reserves the right to amend or terminate these conditions at any time without prior notice.


  • “Completed Sale” = where a job has been completed and the client has paid the invoice.


Referral Partner Fees

  • We pay our Referral Partners commission in return for the referral of new clients which lead to a Completed Sale.


  • Following a Completed Sale, we will pay, as a single payment upon receipt of a valid invoice from the Referral Partner.


  • Referral Partners will receive 10% of the total initial job fee excluding: transport & material costs.


Referral Submissions



Commission Payments

  • Commission shall be paid to Referral Partners who submit a referrals that results in a completed sale unless either of the circumstances described below occur: 

a) If two or more Referral Partners refer the same opportunity, and a sale is completed, then the Referral Partner who submitted this referral first shall be paid the Commission.​


b) If one or more Referral Partners refer the same opportunity as one previously made directly to UBO, and a sale is completed, no commission shall be payable to any Referral Partner.


  • All payments will be made by Bank Transfer or Paypal. Referral Partners must ensure that their payment details are kept up to date via the Referral Partners section.  To update your payment details click here.